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Born and brought up in a small town Duliajan - Assam, India, KANGKAN NATH is an independent Studio / Live sound engineer, DJ and guitarist, music producer / composer and recordist presently based in Guwahati, India. He splits his time and energy between Teaching Music, Dj Shows (Techno / Electronica & Downtempo), live performances and recording/mixing/mastering  projects. He holds many Certificates and degree in Music production and technology from International College of Music (ICOM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He was studying all about Contemporary Music, Harmony and theory, ear training, recording and audio for film and TV, surround sound, digital audio/MIDI, recording, synchronization, sequencing for music programming and automation, editing and mixing, live sound reinforcement methodology, technology and operation. His idea is to teach new and upcoming talents about the technical stuff which goes on behind recording and producing of a song / music and He was appointed as faculty (Music Production & Technology)  at Gurukul of Adio Grammer. Since learning is a never ending process. He always dreamt of working with friends and explore different cities and places. “ Its my dream to work with friends as a team and grow together ’’